We have compiled a list of resources that could never be complete on how to become more involved in social justice work,

to learn more about your identity, and how to stay safe at protests. This list will constantly be updated. 

Personal Growth

Here are resources to learn more about your identity and its connection with our society. 

This is an article describing the journey it takes to become a true white anti-racist. We recommend that everyone read this as it has great information on how to truly practice white anti-racism.

Written by Chris Crass, "Towards The "Other America"", is a book filled with information on how white people can take action for the Black Lives Matter movement.  

This is a documentary for high school age onwards about Tim Wise’s relationship with race growing up and mistakes he’s made while doing anti-racism work.Trigger warning as there are visuals of violence against black people and footage of white supremacists using the n word. 

Protest Safety

Your health is our number 1 priority. Here are resources to stay safe during protests. 

This resource provides information of protest rights and how to stay safe during protests. 

This pdf consists of more information on how to stay safe.


Our protest doesn't mean much if we don't become more involved in the search for equality and equity. Here are resources on how to make a change.  

This resource gives you a list of updated funds/donations to give money to. There is also an updated list of petitions to sign in both the Seattle area and around the nation.  

This resource provides a vetted guide funds and originzations to donate to that are supporting black/communites of color. 

By clicking this resource, you will be directed to find your local rep. You can call or email them to support criminal justice reform, allocation of taxpayer funds towards community services, and call for civilian oversight of police.

This thread consists different books to educate yourself on anti-white racism, black feminism, and black lgbtq expierence. 

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